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Choosing the Best Wireless Printers

best wireless printersChoosing the best wireless printers for your home or office can be a daunting task. With such a diverse array of potentially “best” wireless printers it is important to know which features you should aim to be looking for. The key problem is that there is not a specific model that can be identified as the best wireless printer. Neither is there a company that creates the best wireless printers. The reason for this is simply that different wireless printers are tailored for different uses. It is these factors you should consider when purchasing a wireless printer as you want a model that fits best with your actual needs.

The obvious place to start is of course with the price of wireless printers. While you may be tempted to buy a cheaper model, you need to check that it matches your needs. Printing costs also plays a key factor in this as budget wireless printers may have higher printing costs than a more expensive model. In the financial long run, this should be a key deciding factor when trying to choose the best wireless printer for you.

Best Wireless Printers Have a Long Wireless Range

Secondly you need to determine what wireless range you need for your printer. If the range of signal the wireless printer emits is only 10 meters, will this be sufficient distance for all the computers in your home or office. If not, then you will need to find a model with a longer range.

Third, if the printer is going to be used intensively you need to check that it has sufficient memory to handle the jobs you need to put through it. Many low-end wireless printers have insufficient memory to handle large jobs so check that the available memory fits your typical usage.

Best Wireless Printers Print Have Fast Print Speed

Coupled with the above, you also need to look at the ppm speed at which your wireless printer can actually produce documents. The speed of printing varies from printer to printer with the best wireless printers able to print around 30 pages black and white per minute and 20 or so for full color.
Finally it is time to look at the special features the wireless printer has to offer. The best wireless printer for you will be the one that most matches your day-to-day printing needs but must also be suitable for the occasional special jobs that you need to do. So look at the sizes of paper the printer can accommodate, whether it can take card and photo paper, and also decide whether you want it integrated with a scanner and photocopier.

Having examined these features, you should be able to determine the best wireless printers for your particular needs, so finally it is time to start comparing prices. Good luck finding the best wireless printer for you.