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All In One printers

Ever since all-in-one printers came onto the market they have helped make our life in the office or at home a lot easier. Instead of having a separate fax machine, photocopier, scanner or printer cluttering up our homes or offices we are able to make use of just one machine to carry out all these functions. So they are not only a more convenient option, they also free up a lot of desk and counter space.

This not only makes all in one printers convenient to use, it saves us from spending a lot of money buying 4 separate pieces of office equipment to carry out the same tasks. And when you look at the average price for a quality brand they are quite an affordable option for home or office use.

They are even manufacturing them into smaller more compact units with each new model so the chunkier larger models of yesteryear are gradually being replaced with some all-in-one printers that can easily fit onto a small desk.

Some manufacturers have even bought out portable all-in-one printers that you can take with you to business meetings or presentations. And of course they are available as convenient wireless units with the ability to be networked if you want your home or business computers all linked to a central all in one printer.