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Color Laser Printer

A color laser printer used to be quite a bulky and expensive piece of equipment; however manufacturers are currently producing good quality machines that are more compact and affordable to use in your home or small business.

A color laser printer is a good choice if you do a lot of color printing and want to get your color printing jobs completed as quickly as possible. This is because the technology behind laser printing can create a color printed image or text quite quickly as the drum picks up the dry ink from the toner, and with heat and rollers the laser projected image or text imprints straight onto the paper in one swift movement. There's no having to wait for ink to be sprayed for each pixel of the text or image which is what causes the slower printing speeds of inkjet printers.

At one time the cost of color laser printers would have been out of reach for the average home user, being mainly used by large businesses with big budgets that could afford that kind of technology. Now, with the cost of a color laser printer being more reasonably priced, it is an affordable piece of office equipment that you can use in your home or small business