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Monochrome Laser Printer

Monochrome Laser Printers

If you have a home business that requires a lot of text documents to be printed or you are at school needing to print out a lot of black and white text papers, a monochrome laser printer will be a real asset.

The one benefit that stands out by a mile with monochrome laser printers is their fast print speeds with models made for home or small business use producing up to 27 pages per minute. There's no standing around waiting for your print outs; they're done before you know it.

You always get excellent print quality from a monochrome laser printer; clean, crisp, sharp edges to the text due to the 600 x 600 dpi that is the usual print resolution of most home or small business models.

Laser monochrome printers are also very reasonably priced these days and a good brand will last for many years. I have had my Hp monochrome laser printer for 10 years. And have only had to replace the toner cartridge once so far. They are great value for money considering how long the toner lasts and the number of prints you get out of the one toner cartridge – up to 5000 pages depending on the model of the laser monochrome printer.

Because of the heavy workload expected from laser monochrome printers, manufacturers make sure they are built with input trays that can hold up to 250 sheets of paper.

With its speed, excellent print quality and value for money, a monochrome laser printer will serve you well if you only need to print out black and white text documents