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Printer Scanner Copier

A printer scanner copier machine is a useful piece of office equipment saving both space in your home or office, and money. The cost of buying each of these functions as a separate machine can be very costly however you can buy them all in the one unit for the price of a stand-alone printer. With technology improving all the time, these combined printer copier scanner units give good quality scans and copies of the original document.

Before purchasing a printer scanner and copier unit you should consider whether you need one with a flatbed for scanning and copying or one with an automatic document feeder, as each has their own advantages.

With an automatic document feeder you are able to easily scan or copy multiple page documents without having to stand there making single copies at a time (as you would if you were using a flatbed). However flatbeds are great to have when you need to take a copy or scan from a page in a book - you simply can't do that with a document feeder.

So think about the type of scanning or copying you will be doing most of the time before purchasing a printer scanner copier.