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Color Laser Printer Scanner

When trying to decide whether to buy a color laser printer scanner consider the following points before making your purchase. Some of the larger machines can be costly so it’s worth doing the maths. Your choice will depend on a number of factors like how much color printing and scanning your business carries out daily, the kind of quality you’re after and the speed at which you’d like your documents printed, especially if you run a busy office.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of printing in color you may find using a color laser printer scanner a more affordable option. Although they can be more expensive to buy at the outset, in the long run they can be more cost effective.

The savings are basically due to the cost of toner to pages printed. The one lot of toner for the color laser printer scanner can last for thousands of pages whereas a color inkjet printer will go through many cartridges to print the same amount of color pages.

This can really save a business a lot of money, as the costs of replacing cartridges can really add up over time – something to give serious consideration to when choosing which type of color laser printer scanner to buy.

Don’t be sucked into false economy thinking that by saving on the upfront cost of the machine, you are being a prudent buyer. Try to factor in the cost of replacing inkjet cartridges to toner cartridges per color print to really see where the savings can be made when making your buying decision.

Another benefit of using color laser printer scanners is that they print a lot quicker than color inkjet printers. The reason being is that the laser printers have powerful processors that handle the printing tasks a lot more swiftly. If you run a busy office where a lot of color printing is done, this is another point to really consider as time is money and the more time that can be saved on printing tasks is more time able to be spent on the next task.

Because they print so quickly they also lend themselves well to being networked among a few computers in the office.

Another advantage of using color laser printer scanners is that the prints don’t smudge. This is because the ink is actually fused onto the page so you can easily handle the page as soon as it’s printed without having to worry about having any part of the document getting smudged.

there’s nothing worse than having an important meeting or presentation where the documents you hand out have some of the words or graphs smudged – not very professional looking at all.

Because tiny droplets of color are sprayed onto the page when printing on an inkjet printer, it is very easy for the words or pictures to get smudged if handled too quickly after printing, before they’ve completely dried.

These points should help you weigh up whether a color laser printer scanner will be the best investment for your business. If color printing is done frequently in your office they are certainly worth your consideration.