Find The Best Deals and Information on Laser Printer Scanner Copiers

Printer Scanner Copier Fax Machine

With a wide variety of choices it’s important to know which printer scanner copier fax machine will best suit your requirements. These machines have come a long way and all your printing scanning copying and faxing can now be done from the one multifunction machine. Whether you’re using it in a busy office or for home use there is an all in one machine available to suit your purposes.

Having a reliable printer scanner copier fax machine is especially important in a busy office where a number of printing tasks need to be done quickly and efficiently. With the proper machine your office will function smoothly and professionally.

This article discusses some points to help you in your research to find the right printer scanner copier fax machine for you.

  1. Determine what kind of printer you need. Do you just require black-and-white printing for printing up documents, or do you also require some color printing done. You may want to produce color brochures or pamphlets or sharp, photo-quality images.
  2. Another aspect of the printing component is whether to get a printer scanner copier fax machine that uses laser or inkjet technology. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Laser usually prints quicker, doesn’t smudge but is more expensive than Inkjet.
  3. Inkjet on the other hand is cheaper but is usually slower to print, and because the ink is sprayed onto the paper when printing, documents can be smudged if touched too soon before they dry.
  4. Another aspect to consider is cost per print when printing in black and white. Bearing in mind the cost of replacing toner, a laser all in one printer scanner copier fax machine can be more cost effective than an inkjet, as it costs 2 -4 cents to print a black and white page on laser in comparison to 5 -7 cents a page on an inkjet all in one. So if you’re doing a lot of black and white printing the savings over time on toner replacement is worth considering as you compare each of the option.
  5. One more feature to look for with the printing component is the print and scan resolution. This will depend on whether you’ll be printing in black and white only or color. If you’re going to be printing photo quality images you may be better going for a model with a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch). If you’re only going to be printing in black and white then a dpi of 600 x 600 should be enough.
  6. For the copier or scanner you’ll want to decide whether you want a flat bed or sheet feed component. With the flat bed function you can copy and scan books, magazines and bound documents. With the sheet feed you can only copy and scan single sheets of paper.
  7. It’s also a good idea when comparing different brands of laser printer scanner copier fax machines to go into a computer store to see for yourself how each function operates. Talk to the staff and ask their opinion on the different all in ones available.
  8. Another good way to help with your research is to go on the computer and check out online stores that sell these printer scanner copier fax machines and have a reader feedback section. It can help you narrow down your selection.